Technology is something that makes people’s life easier. This way, companies and service providers can save money and time by using robots to replace staff. The introduction of robotic baristas at San Francisco’s Cafe X is an example of this. Customers visiting Café X are able to order espresso drinks involving milk and flavourings from on-site kiosks and a dedicated app. Then, the robot prepares it for every person. So, this form of attending is characterised by a limited personalization and customizability and by a lack of human interaction.

Introducing automation and robotics into food service could reduce costs and increase efficiency. Companies looking into such solutions, however, must remain mindful of the wishes of their customers. Some may prefer a personal experience to an efficient one, or a customised product, whereas others that just want to take their order quickly and go out will be glad about this novelty in serving.

Traditionally, robots have been used primarily in manufacturing. But other industries as well of food service including healthcare, shipping and logistics, retail, hospitality, and more are starting to also use robots. For example, hospitals are using robots to assist in surgery, retail stores are testing robots to take inventory, and warehouses are using robots help sort packages.

If this turns into something common and technology keeps with its development on, machines will take control and there will be more and more specific jobs that will disappear. As a consequence, this will mean that people who used to do that jobs would need to find another kind of job doesn’t do by robots yet. (Ford, M., 2015). Artificial intelligence is already on track to make many jobs obsolete: legal assistants, journalists, clerks and even programmers are about to be replaced by robots and smart software. The result could be massive unemployment and greater inequality, as well as the implosion of the consumer economy itself.

News articles referenced

Cafe X opens in San Francisco, bringing robots to the coffee shop


Academic references

Ford, M. (2015). The rise of the robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, Basic Books.







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